Machine Learning with Python

Machine learning is an area of interest for many people for almost 10 years. Many people have researched in this area tremendously for the last decade. Today we are going to start Machine Learning with Python. If you have no earlier experience of machine feel free to follow along.

The software we are going to use is anaconda which can be downloaded from this link The python version we are going to use is Python 3.7. So download the version of anaconda 32bit or 64 bit based on your system. After downloading you will have to install it. I hope you can install it without any problem. If there occurs any problem feel free to ask in the comments

After successful installation of anaconda open ANACONDA NAVIGATOR where you have installed (if you remember the installation location or search it in the start menu) A window similar mentioned below will be opened

After opening the anaconda navigator click on environments and choose create

A pop-up window like the mentioned below will open

Provide the name of your choice and click on create. Make sure to select packages python 3.7 before clicking on create. It will take a bit of time in creating environments. You may feel free to grab a cup of coffee or tea or any drink of your choice. It may take 3 to 5 minutes.

After that come back to the main window by clicking on the home. Home is mentioned above environments

After clicking on home the main window will appear like the very first image in this article.

Next, there are few applications on the main window that can be used. We are going to use JupyterLab. Therefore, click on the install (if not already installed). The installation will take a bit of time.

After the JupyterLab is installed successfully on your system click on launch mentioned below the JupyterLab.

Make sure application with your name is selected as in my case I have named it new2. You can give it any name of your choice.

After installation click on the launch mentioned Jupyter lab. It will open a window in your default browser.

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